Poor Decisions Psychologically Damaging the Male Child

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Why Sex Education Should Continue in Elementary School

Traditional Sex Education is dead and should be replaced with a different approach altogether. ... << MORE >>

$5,000 for Your Opinion... You Got One?

All problems have a starting point… most are preventable! Everyone has an opinion about Mama’s decisions… here's your opportunity to get paid for yours!<< MORE >>

Is Teen Unemployment Mama’s Fault?

Teen Unemployment is out of control! Who needs to step up to fix it? Hint: The answer isn't government; Think Closer!<< MORE >>

Why All the Fuss Over Abortion?

Saying that abortion is flat out wrong, without giving any LOGICAL explanations, is stupid to me! ... << MORE >>

In a Nutshell

Intro to the Blog; An overview of the Book. cannot change that which you do not know.<< MORE >>

Is the Man Responsible...?

How did he get this way? Who allowed it to happen? it pertains to the quality of that MALE...: 1-Who raised him and; 2-In what environment?<< MORE >>

Illegitimate Births: Awareness & Prevention

YES or NO. Do you believe Illegitimate Births are a problem in this country? Who is responsible? Why?<< MORE >>

Is It Mama's Fault?

Take the poll! Tell us: Is it Mama's Fault or is it not Mama's Fault?<< MORE >>

Program Ideas for Producers and Journalist

The reality is that Illegitimate Births infiltrate every segment of our society. The only pertinent question that a Radio or TV Producer or Journalist may need to ask is "In what segment do I want to report on the issue of Illegitimate Births, from a PREVENTION prospective?" ...<< MORE >>

Responsibility v. Blame: What is the Difference?

What’s really the issue between Responsibility and Blame? Why do people get offended when you "Blame" them for something? ...<< MORE >>